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Ski Season

The ski season in Chile usually runs for three months at a stretch from the end of June through to early September, largely dependent on snow falls although most of the ski centres now have their own ski cannons making artificial snow.

Experienced skiers will find that the ski areas, or ski centres, are not particularly large compared to the vast valley networks of Europe and USA, but after a good snow fall the powder (helicopter) skiing is probably the best in the world. There is also the wonderful novelty of skiing in the stunning Andes when the northern hemisphere is enjoying its summer.

The best ski centres, without doubt are Valle Nevado and Portillo, both reasonably close to Santiago, followed by Terms de Chillan which is further south (about a 6hr drive from Santiago). The ski centres of La Parva, El Colorado and Farellones are all close to Santiago and offer day skiing from Santiago as well as accommodation in or near the areas.

Pucon, in the northern sector of the Chilean Lake Region, also offers skiing on the side of Villarrica Volcano and a stay here can be combined with trips around the beautiful lake-region.

The Andes is an exceptional mountain range and for all skiers the thrill of skiing in this part of the world is sensational, especially after a heavy snow fall when powder skiers can be in “heaven”.

Chile Ski Valle Nevado

Season – flexible dates, but normally:14 June to 07 October
High Season:05 July to 29 August, weekends and public holidays.
Highest Station:3,670mt
Skiing:Good for all levels, heli ski, off piste and snow park.
Pisted Runs:36
Drive from Santiago:1hr: 45mins


Valle Nevado (snow valley) is themost modern and largest, purpose-built ski centre in the southern hemisphere set amid spectacular surroundings. Valle Nevado comprises a central accommodation structure of three hotels offering varying comfort levels, an excellent apartment block offering luxury furnished apartments, restaurants, shops, bars, swimming pool and other facilities such as sauna and gym. The combination of high altitude and southern-facing slopes shielding the ski bowl create a micro climate around Valle Nevado that usually maintains a good snow quality throughout the season. Runs are open 9:00hrs to 17:30hrs and include 4 for beginners, 8 for intermediate, 10 for advanced and 3 for expert skiers. The longest run is about 3km (1.86miles) long. The surrounding mountains, in addition, offer superb possibilities for off-piste skiing. It also has the “Ski Express” a super-fast chair lift.


Ski Lift Tickets

Valle Nevado offers ski-lift tickets from its ticket office located at the Valle Nevado ski centre. Tickets can be bought as half day passes, full day passes or for the three-valley system that includes El Colorado and La Parva. In order to buy a ski-lift ticket at Valle Nevado you will need Chilean pesos. 

Ski Shop

There is a ski shop and ski rental facilities at Valle Nevado. 


We can arrange for daily transfers from and return to Santiago as well as helicopter transfers direct to the resort. Please make sure you make this request to us via E-Mail Us. 

Chile Ski Farellones and Colorado

Season – flexible dates, but normally:14 June to 06 October
High Season:12 July to 26 July, weekends and public holidays.
Colorado Base:2,750mts.
Farellones Base:2,500mts.
Highest Station:3,333mts.
Skiing:Caters for all levels but particularly good number of easy pistes for beginners.
Pisted Runs:18
Drive from Santiago:1hr: 30mins


Farellones and El Colorado are adjacent to one another in the heart of the three valleys ski complex comprising Valle Nevado, El Colorado and Farellones and La Parva. El Colorado offers apartments for weekly rental and Farellones offers one, small hotel.

Chile Ski La Parva

Season – flexible dates, but normally:14 June to 22 September
High Season:05 July to 26 July, weekends and public holidays.
Highest Station:3,650mts.
Skiing:Caters for all levels but not many easy-level runs.
Pisted Runs:14
Drive from Santiago:1hr: 30mins


La Parva is the closest thing to a ski village in the mountains there is in Chile where people have there own, private houses and apartments as opposed to a ski centre that has hotels. It sits on the side of the Andes facing Santiago and can be seen from the streets of Santiago on a clear day.

There are a number of long, pisted runs as well as off piste areas and links to El Colorado and Valle Nevado. There is no tree line, but with a bar and restaurant half way up the main face there is a certain “Alpine” feel to skiing at La Parva.


There are no purpose-built hotels so overnight accommodation is by way of renting a furnished apartment, usually by the week. Considering the closeness to Santiago many people stay in Santiago and take the transfer bus up to La Parva.

Chile Ski Santiago (stay in Santiago and use our daily transfer up the mountain)

For skiing at Valle Nevado, Portillo, El Colorado, La Parva and Farellones we offer packages that include accommodation in Santiago and daily transfers up to one or more of the ski centres.   The advantage of this is that skiers can enjoy the sights and entertainment of the Santiago but travel up when they want to the ski centres.

Please Email Us.

Chile Ski Portillo

Season – flexible dates, but normally:15 June to 05 October
High Season:20 July to 03 August, weekends and public holidays.
Highest Station:3,000mts.
Skiing:Caters for all levels, particularly good for off-piste.
Pisted Runs:17
Off-Pisted Runs:6
Drive from Santiago:2hrs


Portillo is basicallyone hotel beside a lake at the base of a natural mountain bowl offering skiing for all levels and is very popular with families who return year after year. The atmosphere in the hotel is cosy and homely and operated along the lines of an “all inclusive” club-style leisure product. The ski area is limited but offers some very challenging runs as wells as great off-piste zones.


The hotel offers rooms on each side with one side facing the valley and the other facing the lake and mountain walls. Each room is well decorated with en-suite bathrooms.
The cosy bar offers an ideal environment for an evening aperitif and the restaurant offers diners quality cuisine.

Skiers can also consider staying in Santiago and travelling the 2hrs to Portillo each day, but when the hotel is full hotel it is sometimes closed to outside skiers. Also important to consider is that every now and then there is a large snowfall that can close the road in and out to Portillo.

Chile Ski Chillán

Season – flexible dates, but normally:06 June to 30 October
Highest Station:2,700mts.
Skiing:Caters for all levels, some long pistes and snow-board park.
Pisted Runs:28
Drive from Santiago:6hrs.
Distance:407 kms. South of Santiago
Nearest Airport:Concepción.


“Termas de Chillan” means Thermal or Hot Springs of Chillan and not surprisingly it offers a hot-springs relaxation centre where guests can bathe in private or public bath’s filled with natural thermally-heated water that come out of the ground from the nearby volcano.
Skiing at Termas de Chillan is on the side of a volcano and it offers a varied number of pisted runs, some quite long, that pass through woods at the lower levels as well as open pisted and off-pisted spaces above the tree line.


Accommodation options comprise normal hotel rooms as well as furnished, self-catering apartments close to the base-line ski lifts that take skiers up the mountain.

Getting There 

The Termas de Chillan is located about 80kms east of the city of Chillan, a drive that takes about 1hr 30mins from Chillan and Chillan is about 5hrs drive south from Santiago. We can arrange for transfers to Terms de Chillan, just Email-Us with details. From Santiago you go south down the Panamercan Highway (Ruta 5) until you get to Chillán which is about a 5hr drive. Once in Chillán take the road sign-posted to Termas de Chillán. From the city of Chillán the drive to the ski centre is about an hour and a half. Alternatively you can fly from Santiago to Concepción and take the special transfer bus to the ski centre, please Email-Us.

Chile Ski Pucon - Villarrica


At the foot of the active Villarrica volcano is the lake-side village of Pucon, a jewel in the heart of the Chilean Lake District. Skiing at Pucon is actually skiing on the side of an active volcano! The ski area is located about half way up the northern slope of the volcano and offers skiers a number of medium-level pistes. The après-ski at Pucon is probably the most interesting anywhere with hot springs, climbs up the volcano to see into the crater, horse riding and hiking.To get to Pucon it is necessary to fly to Temuco, or take the over night train, from Santiago.