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Chile is a horse rider is paradise - if you like the natural outdoors, stunning scenery and the feeling of being in wide, open spaces! The riding style is "western", sitting in a large saddle and holding the reins in one hand.

For real horse riding experiences you will need to allow a full day to a few days and maybe even a week. You will need to have some previous experience and be prepared for basic outdoor living for a while - but it is this that makes it so exhilarating.

There are many places where it is possible to find a local livery and arrange your own deal to take a ride for a few hours, however, the known areas for more serious riding excursions are:

In the Andes close to Santiago as well as for longer excursions over the Andes and into Argentina.

The area near to Vicuna, in northern Chile (east from La Serena).

The area around Pucon, with an option to ride into Argentina.

The around Torres del Paine National park.