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Lake Region
Lake Region
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The northern part of the lake district begins at Temuco (677 km south of Santiago) and tails off at Puerto Montt (1,016 km south of Santiago). In this zone the climate is warm- temperate with normal length summers (3 months) that are warm, sometimes hot and often with rain showers. The temperature cools off the further south you travel i.e. towards Puerto Montt. Winters are usually wet, cold and changeable with snow falling in the mountains.

Pucon - Villarrica

Nearest Airport: Temuco
Located: 790 km south of Santiago and 112 km from Temuco, these two towns straddle Lake Villarrica and are dwarfed by the active, snow-capped Villarrica Volcano. Villarrica lake is the most northern lake of significance in the Chilean lake chain effectively marking the start of the Chilean Lake Region.

Pucon has developed into a \"boutique\" lake-side village and a very popular place during the summer break months of January and February. The area to the east of the lake is spectacular. The lake itself is bordered by rolling hills that rise up into mountainous terrain on the north-eastern quarter, and by the magnificent conical, snow-capped and active Villarrica Volcano on the southern side.

Both the villages offer a great base from which to explore the area, although Pucon is considered to be the principal village and certainly more lively than Villarrica. Pucon offers a number of good restaurants, lively bars and outdoor activity shops. This zone is a haven for those who like outdoor pursuits such as: white water rafting, climbs to the top of the volcano, hikes into the national park, mountain biking, skiing in winter, fishing and boating; and for those who prefer a slower pace there is golf, walking and hot springs to unwind in! You can participate in as many or few of the activities available or just sit back and read a good book!.