Selected Chile Hotels
Easter Island
Explora Rapa Nui
Double Room Rate From
USD $ 795
Torres del Paine
Hotel Lago Grey
Double Room Rate From
USD $ 308
Zero Hotel
Double Room Rate From
USD $ 380
Torres del Paine
Explora Patagonia
Double Room Rate From
USD $ 780
Puerto Varas (Lake Region)
El Quincho Lodge
Double Room Rate From
USD $ 300
Torres del Paine
Hotel Las Torres
Double Room Rate From
USD $ 238
San Pedro de Atacama
Explora Atacama
Double Room Rate From
USD $ 660
Hotel Indigo
Double Room Rate From
USD $ 200
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ABOUT CHILE: AirportTax / Immigration / Customs / Health / Electricity / Earthquakes / Currency / Consulates / Transport / People of Note / Principal National Holiday Dates / Chilean Food

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Chile Hotels - Holiday Inn Express Antofagasta. Antofagasta

Chile Hotels - Hotel El Paso Park Arica

Chile Hotels - Hotel & Resort Arica Arica

Travel to Chile, a wonderful geographic wilderness. We offer chile-hotels in chile with Chilean food and we can recommend places in chile such as san pedro de atacama, torres del paine, pucon, santiago de chile and many other interesting natural areas. The Andes mountains feature the length of chile but there are not many hotels in these parts. In order to find hotels in chile you will need to study our web site and scroll through all the chile hotels menu options. If you cannot find anything in chile hotels, you could try our other sites and where we offer a number of other hotels in chile. The thing about chile hotels, however, is that today they are quite modern and in Santiago there are many top quality hotels and chile apart hotels.

Those people looking for good quality chile hotels have no need to look around any more because we can offer all that you need.

Did you know how many hotels in chile there are? In fact if you count the number of chile hotels you will find only a few in places like torres-del-paine because it is a natural wilderness park in the far south of the country. In the north there are some chile hotels in san-pedro-de-atacama and the appearance of these is really quite creative.

There is no doubt that chile hotels are now top quality hotels and that you will find comfort in most of them where you can relax after a long flight.

Have you asked if you want to travel to South America and Chile specifically and if you do what chile hotels would you like to stay in? The answer is that all chile hotels are worth staying at because the people who work in the hotel business in chile are well trained and very hospitable.

If we can help you find a good hotel in chile then please let us know because no one knows more about chile the country and hotels in chile than we do.

Introduction (established in 1996) is managed by a locally-based native English speaker and is part of the Reservations Made Easy global reservation network offering an interact ive, professional reservation and advice service to all. We provide independent descripton comments and photos. The rates are dislayed in a lowest to highest order with discounts.

Let us put an itinerary together or suggest the right hotel for the budget that you have E-Mail Us. Should you need to talk to us our telephone number is published in About Us.

We hope you find what you are looking for and enjoy your trip to is a geographical wonderland.

About Us
If you want to know more about who we are, our phone and fax numbers, go to About Us.

Rate Policy
All rates (unless otherwise stated) are per room, per night, in United States Dollars.

Hotel Category Definitions
Considering that the hotel star rating system in Chile is not in line with international expectations, is often abused or out of date and therefore NOT representative of the reality we have devised our own category definition in order to facilitate identifying the level of the establishment you want to stay at:

1. A hotel wih NO category means an okay place but nothing special.
2. A GOOD category means good accommodation for the price.
3. A VERY GOOD category means generally good all-round level, perhaps with a good location and good value.
4. An EXCELLENT category means very good level accommodation, well decorated, generally nice atmosphere with a good feel to the place. It may be an international level hotel or a small, independent hotel. In many cases we have included small hotels and cabanas in our EXCELLENT category because they are of a very high standard even though they may not offer all the facilities of a typical international five-star hotel.

Double Room Definition
A double room means a room for TWO people, either one double bed or two beds (twin).

Client Discounts
Client discounts, when shown, are available to ALL our clients.

If you are a group leader and are looking for special rates or general help go to Groups.

Airport Tax
Airport international departure tax is USD18, paid in USD or Ch$ equivalent. Airport domestic tax is included within ticket price. US citizens pay a reciprocity tax of USD 25 in cash as they pass through customs. The receipt is valid for the life of your passport. This tax is applied to countries that charge Chilean nationals a fee to process visas.

Upon arrival in Chile you will be given a little form to fill out. This is a Tourist Visa and is VERY important. Keep it with you until you leave the country and surrender it to immigration. U.S. citizens will be required to pay USD25, in cash upon arrival. This fee is considered a reciprocal fee because the U.S. charges the same amount for Chileans applying for U.S. visas. This fee is charged to citizens of countries that charge Chilean citizens a visa process fee.

You are NOT permitted to import the following items when entering Chile: Fruits, seeds, cheeze, meat, vegetables or non-processed animal products. Firearms, munitions or explosives. Illegal drugs. Luggage is exrayed upon entry.

As a visitor to Chile it is recommended that you have your own health insurance. Private health clinics in Santiago are generally excellent but expensive. Chile does not currently have any serious health concern, although visitors should always try to drink bottled water and peel fruits before eating. This is only to protect your stomach from unaccustomed bugs.

220 volts.

The Andes mountain range runs the length of Chile and is a result of formidable forces of nature pushing the Southamerican continent up against a tektronic plate. Consequently the entire country sits upon one of the most geographicaly active and unstable parts of the world and earth tremors are common. It is NORMAL for the ground to shake and buildings to sway. Should you be caught in a strong tremor or a major earthquake the only thing you can do is to try to STAY CALM, seek shelter under the strongst part of the room you are in, which is usually under a support beam or under the door lentil. Modern buildings have been constructed to withstand major earthquakes, nevertheless, the swaying motion and the rumble that accompanies a tremor will frighten the hardest of people.

Chile uses the Chilean peso.

Consulates in Santiago de Chile

Avda. Vicuna Mackena 41, Providencia. Tel: 222 6947

Avda. Gertudris Echenique 420, Las Condes. Tel: 228 5065

MacIver 225, Piso 15, Downtown. Tel: 639 8867

Nueva Tajamar 481, Piso 12, Torre Norte, Vitacura. Tel: 362 9600

Avda. Condell 65, Providencia. Tel: 225 1030

Great Britain
Avda. El Bosque Norte 0125, Las Condes. Tel:370 4100

Roman Diaz 1270, Providencia. Tel: 225 9212

Avda. 11 de Septiembre 2353, Piso 9, Providencia. Tel: 233 4070

Avda. 11 de Septiembre 2353, Piso 4, Providencia. Tel: 940 1700

Avda. Americo Vespucio Sur 100, Piso 14, Las Condes. Tel: 263 4211

United States of America
Andres Bello 2800, Vitacura. Tel:232 2600

City public transport is in abundance. Busses are driven by maniac drivers but are cheap and will get you to most places. Taxis vary between the good level with good driver to less-than-reliable with questionable drivers. In Santiago, the metro is excellent, clean, reliable and cheap.

Inter-city public transport is usually very good. For long journeys the busses offer executive class comfort and on-board services.

Santiago Prinicipal Intercity Bus Stations are:
For North &South:Terminal de Buses Santiago, Metro Universidad de Santiago (Southern Exit).
For Vina del Mar/Valpariso: Terminal de Buses Alameda, Metro Universidad de Santiago (Southern Exit).
For North & South:Terminal de Buses San Borja, Metro Estacion Central
(Southern Exit).
For Argentina: Terminal de Buses Santiago, Metro Universidad de Santiago
(Southern Exit).

People of Note

Pedro de Valdivia
Original Spanish conquistador, arrived in 1540 and founded Santiago in 1541.

Arturo Pratt
Chilean naval hero who led the winning battle against Peru near Iquique.

Bernardo O'Higgins
The iligitament son of a Peruvian Viceroy, Chile's first elected leader following independence from Spain in 1818.

Salvador Allende
The first ever openly elected communist leader who ruled Chile as president from 1970 to 1973 when he was ousted from power by a bloody coup.

Agusto Pinochet
Appointed head of the Chilean army just days before leading the armed forces in a coup against the then sitting president Salvador Allende. General Pinochet ruled Chile for an unbroken 17 year period 1973 to 1990, when he handed over power to democratically elected Patricio Aylwin. He has recently been arrested in Chile to face trial for the dissaperance and murder of individuals during his regime.

Gabriela Mistral Poet and Nobel Prize winner.

Pablo Neruda Poet and Nobel Prize winner.

Principal National Holiday Dates

1 Jan
Easter (flexible date)
1 May
21 May
25 June (flexible date)
2 July (flexible date)
15 August
3 September (flexible date)
18 September
19 September
15 October (flexible date)
1 November
8 December
25 December

Chilean Food

Fruit Native to Chile
Tuna (Prickly Pear)
Melon Calameno

Fish: Pescados
Albacora: Similar to Swordfish.

Bacalao: Cod
Calamar: Squid
Congrio: Ell-like fish but not eel.
Corvina: Similar to Bass
Jurel: Mackerel
Lenguado: Sole
Reineta: Very Nice Fish!
Salmon: Salmon

Shell Fish: Mariscos
Almejas: Clams
Centolla: King Crab
Choros: Mussels
Erizos: Sea Urchin
Gambas: Shrimps
Jaiva: Crab
Langosta: Lobster
Locos: Abalone
Machas: Razor Clam
Ostras: Oysters

Beef: Carne
Filete: Fillet
Lomo Liso: T-Bone
Posta Rosada: Sirloin

Pork: Cerdo
Jamon: Ham
Lomo: Loin
Tocino: Bacon
Chuleta: Chop
Pernil: Leg
Costilla: Ribs

Lamb: Cordero
Pierna: Leg
Lomo: Loin
Costilla: Rack of Lamb

Aves: Poultry
Pollo: Chicken
Ganso: Goose
Pato: Duck
Pavo: Turkey

Verduras: Vegetables
Palta: Avocado
Pepino: Cucumber
Cebolla: Onion
Arroz: Rice
Ensalada: Salad
Tomate: Tomato

Postre: Desert

Why Come to Chile?

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