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Cruising aboard small, high comfort level ships in the southern seas of Chile and Argentina has become extremely popular in recent years. There are two ships that operate at the upper end of the market and one company which is predominately in the business of shipping cars and cargo but also takes passengers.

The Ships
The Skorpios company operates three ships departing from the port of Puerto Montt. The size and comfort on board each ship goes hand-in-hand with when the ship was launched. The oldest one, Skorpios I, for example, is smaller than the Skorpios II, which, in turn is smaller than the Skorpios III. Two of the ships operate the route Puerto Montt, through the Chilean archipelago and on to the San Rafael glacier and the other goes on to Puerto Natales for passengers to combine with a visit to Torres del Paine.

The Australis company operates the route between Punta Arenas and Ushuaia in Argentina, taking passengers from each end. The cruise route passes into a number of natural inlets and fiords in and around the islands of Tierra del Fuego, with regular excursions to see flora and fauna.

The Navimag company specialises in ferrying cars and cargo between the ports in Southern Chile, in the Patagonia region, and also takes passengers. This is a good way to see great scenery, without luxury comforts, but at a low price.