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Souvenirs & Shopping
Souvenirs & Shopping
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Souvenirs & Shopping Santiago


Modern Shopping


Modern-day Santiago de Chile offers the visitor a mix of state-of-the-art shopping malls as well as a few still rustic artesian markets.


The most modern, spacious shopping malls are located along the main Kennedy Avenue in the suburb of Las Condes. One is called Parque Arauco (closest to the Hyatt and Marriot Hotels) and the other is called Alto Las Condes (on the same side of the street as Parque Arauco but further up Kennedy heading towards the Andes.

Each of the above-mention malls offer numerous modern-day shops, well known brands as well as restaurants and cinema entertainments.


Other, smaller malls are at: Apumanque on Avda. Apoquindo on the corner with Avda. Manquehue, Las Condes. In the area of Providencia is the mall Panoramico on Avda. 11 de Septiembre 2155, very close to the metro station Los Leones.

All the malls are open almost every day of the year between 10:00hrs and 21:00hrs (although on public holidays the closing time maybe earlier).


Artisan Markets

The best known artesian markets are those located at “Los Dominicos”, adjacent to the church of the same name, in Las Condes at the end of the street called Avda. Apoquindo, and the other is called Aldea de Vitacura (meaning very small village) in the suburb of Vitacura, beside the street also called Vitacura (Avda. Vitacura 6840 on the corner with Lo Beltran). In these markets you will find many locally-produced artesian products.


A well known area for Lapis Lazuli is the bohemian district of Bellavista (meaning beautiful view – although the view is from the top of the San Cristobal hill where the Virgin Mary statue is located). Here there are a number of small craft shops selling their wares and most recently a new area called El Patio has been created between the streets Pio Nono and Constitucion, where there are boutique-style stores and cafes. The main entrance to El Patio is located just off the main street called Pio Nono, number 55.


Other Areas and Shops

The Centro Cultural Estacion Mapocho (the old Central Railway Station) also has a few small, market stalls: the Museo de Arte Precolombino in downtown Santiago offers up-market souvenirs and is also one of the best museums in South America to visit.


Every Sunday morning there is an Antique market at Plaza Peru (this is the main plaza in the heart of the barrio El Golf, which is within the Las Condes suburb).


Exclusive Shops

The most affluent, “top” shops are located in the street called Avda. Alonso de Cordova, a street that runs just off Avda. Americo Vespucio Norte (close to the Hyatt Hotel).



The typical items that can be associated with Chile are:


  • Jewelry
     The Lapislazuli stone. This is a blue-coloured stone used in jewelry and only mined in Chile and Afghanistan.


  • Metals
    Pewter bowels and Copper pans, and small items.


  • Knitwear
    Alpaca Knitwear


  • Ceramics
    Mapuche Ceramics


  • Wicker
    Wicker baskets and furniture


  • Leather
    Leather jackets, belts and hats


  • Wine
    As you may well know, Chilean wine is among the best in the world and much is on offer.


  • Airport
    If you do not have the opportunity to shop before you depart from Chile the International airport has a good duty-free shop offering a number of Chilean-produced products.